Our Story

    Culturas Music-Art began in 2007 with a group of friends: Oralia Ortiz, Ruben Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalez, Martha Lopez, Daniel Sullivan, Oscar Guevara and John Duran. After discussing the lack of public art and venues for the youth in the city of Coachella, they began by discussing a mural project on Shady Lane. They wanted to create something similar to the mural that was previously there in 1979, depicting the history and struggles of the Chicano/Mexican people. 

    They began to organize and purpose a plan to the City of Coachella. The mural was painted by local artists on a voluntary basis and in 2009 they kicked off the mural project with a music & art event at Dateland Park in Coachella across from the where the mural would be. 

    It not only challenged all of the local artists who had never done murals before, but it was the first time that graffiti art was taken to the public on a larger scale, the first time that hip-hop artists were given a platform to express themselves in an open environment organized just for them. Everyone that attended flocked to view the awesome images and the skilled techniques used to create those images. 

    You would over hear young people say, “It’s about time we had something for us.” We realized we had something going and that we had to continue what we began.

    The mural was finally completed in 2012 and to celebrate, Culturas Music & Arts organized the unveiling of the mural by creating a festival, Synergy Music & Art Festival. Synergy has brought people of all ages, cultures, and races together and has created bridges within the Coachella Valley. We continue to build, create and break those stigmas.